Are You Giving Your Child the Best Life Has to Offer?

When it comes to English education, there are countless choices of English centres throughout Vietnam. As a parent, it can be confusing and overwhelming identifying which centre is the best choice to prepare your child for a successful future. Make no mistake about it—not all education centres are the same or produce the same results. So, as a parent, how do you navigate your way through all of the options to provide your child with the best education?

Many English centres use words like “Cambridge” to impress parents and to add credibility to their companies, when, in fact, they have no real association with Cambridge University or the Cambridge Exam. This is why it’s important to do your research rather than “buying in” to a convincing sales pitch from a sales consultant who is being paid to persuade you to enroll in their centre. Look beyond the marketing gimmicks, impressive advertisements and embellished buildings and ask yourself what credibility the company has as an educational institution. You may be surprised to learn that many “giant” English companies are simply good at business management rather than experts in English education.

An English centre’s teachers and curriculum are two of the most vital influencers that will determine the outcome of your child’s learning path. Many English centres in Vietnam hire backpacker teachers who zoom in to earn some extra cash but lack commitment, passion, and proper training to be a qualified teacher. Furthermore, many English centre’s curriculum lacks cohesive and sound pedagogy because managers simply pick books off of bookstore shelves without understanding the complexities of language acquisition and early childhood education. The most effective programmes are established by expert curriculum writers (Educators, School Psychologists, etc.) and taught by qualified teachers. These two ingredients are vital for your child’s success.

Beyond pedagogy and teachers, it’s important to also choose a programme that is systematic and shows measurable results. Ask how teachers will gauge if your child is meeting the key objectives for the course and what the key milestones are for the programme track. After all, your child’s future is an investment, and, as a parent, you deserve to get a return for all that you have sacrificed to give your child the best future life has to offer.

By Christian Mark Jacobs

Country Manager I Can read VietNam


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