I Can Read


I CAN READ kembali lagi dengan program liburan spesial buat kamu, yang berjudul The Creative Writers! Let’s turn yourself into an expert writer only in 5 days!


Writing has several important benefits for children:

  • Expand their vocabulary and refine their speaking and writing skills.
  • Strengthen reading comprehension and enable them to understand texts and information better.
  • Allow them to creatively express ideas, thoughts, and feelings, helping them communicate effectively.
  • Strong writing skills support them in completing school assignments and exams.
  • Writing exercises analytical thinking and problem-solving, especially when they formulate ideas in their writing.


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Batch 1: 11-15 Desember 2023

Batch 2: 18-22 Desember 2023


Daftar sekarang sebelum kehabisan! Dapatkan promo early bird seharga 599k aja! Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, hubungi Centre I CAN READ terdekat.


*Promo spesial early bird berlaku pada 6-12 November 2023.