[New]: 5 tips for a more disciplined education

As parents, we often feel pushed and pulled in different directions on how to raise our children. Parenthood is one of the greatest joys and challenges that life presents to us. When it comes to your child’s education, there are certainly different routines, incentives and learning methods you can use to ensure that your child is getting a quality education. However, a common theme that ties together all learning journeys that lead to success is discipline.

The word discipline has different connotations, but in this context we are discussing scholarly discipline which encompasses consistency, persistence, and effective instruction from both teachers and parents. If the road to success were easy or happened merely by coincidence, everyone could be successful. There is certainly a recipe for success when it comes to teaching your child discipline in the pursuit of better education.

These 5 tips for a more disciplined education may be just the guidance your child is looking for.

  1. Establish a routine. Success is comprised of consistent action repeated daily until the desired goal has been achieved. When your child wakes up in the morning, perhaps reading 10 sight words or practicing spelling words would be a great way to start the day. After school, finishing homework right away or doing an extra page from a supplemental workbook could be the difference between average marks and excellent marks in school.
  2. Give praise when praise is due. If your child accomplished a short-term goal, give him or her affirmation! This positive reinforcement will encourage and motivate your child to enjoy learning.
  3. Allow your child to work independently. Too many parents give their children answers to challenging questions. If your child works through the tough exercises, he or she will take pride in the victory of completing the assignment independently.
  4. Be sensitive to your child’s holistic needs. Some parents make the mistake of pushing their children too hard, which can cause more harm than good. For example, If your children comes home from school feeling sick and needs to rest, be sure to put their physical and emotional health before the task of finishing extra assignments.

5. Encourage your child to fail and persevere. Some of the most ingenious and brilliant minds in history have failed more times than they have succeeded. Not every effort will result in a success, but in end the end your child will be remembered for his or her successes rather than a few bad marks. Focus on the big picture of your child’s learning journey.[:]

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