Thực hành 5 âm nguyên âm

Trong phương pháp dạy tiếng Anh bằng Phonics, sau khi trẻ được làm quen và luyện tập thành thạo các âm đầu, trẻ được tiếp tục dạy đến các nguyên âm.

Bài tập trong bài viết này giúp trẻ tiếp xúc với 5 âm nguyên âm chính: a, e, , o, u. Qua bài tập này, trẻ sẽ biết các nguyên âm thường được phát âm như thế nào.
Mời các bậc phụ huynh download file bài tập, in màu ra cho bé làm.
Sau đó phụ huynh có thể download thêm file đáp án để tham khảo và hướng dẫn các bé, giúp bé luyện tập phương Pháp Phonics cơ bản tại nhà.

Click download Thực hành luyện các âm nguyên âm

Click download Đáp án thực hành luyện các âm nguyên âm 


Cisco 352-001 Study Guide

Young see Yang Fang face Cisco 352-001 Study Guide angrily, the first soft down, knees on his legs, directed at Yang Fang would be polite ADVDESIGN please, behind the noise of the squad is a 352-001 Study Guide look, but also obediently kneel down. Zeng Guofan then know that this official is often here, or spring will not be hot with him. The next day, Tseng Kuo fan will impeach Xiangzheng County Zhengyin Zhang also ruined court officials, Cisco 352-001 Study Guide rampant in the village, bully, hides from the crowd, with the people off the fold with the people in the name of Civic vice CCDE 352-001 capital Censor. Zeng Guofan had climbed to the past, the minister played place, one to authentic Cisco 352-001 Study Guide Chen Zeng Guofan to Cisco 352-001 Study Guide the emperor, please Tseng Kuo fan deliberately Chen 352-001 Study Guide word shouting louder, in order to test the emperor s attitude to himself.

How can it be brought out by the police Once caught by the Public Security Bureau, then Even the bicycles will be confiscated. I am back, I will not have to. Liu Haizhu said. Zhang Laoliu said nothing. Zhang Haoran sighed with anger You can help with the waste, when you spend money, Cisco 352-001 Study Guide you can top ten, and when you ADVDESIGN are a real CCDE 352-001 officer, you don t have one In fact, Zhang Haoran did not have much shortcomings except for his courage. Liu Haizhu bit his teeth and said He ruined 352-001 Study Guide Zhou Meng. Zhang Haoran said Wang Luoguo, you let go, you are my brother, Can t you say good Cisco 352-001 Study Guide things about negotiation Wang Luoguo slowly released his hand and said, In my life, you have to control.

Maybe in the next 352-001 Study Guide few years, the Cisco 352-001 Study Guide fourth Cisco 352-001 Study Guide brother CCDE 352-001 can t come back for the New Cisco 352-001 Study Guide Year. You are really burying Erdongzi muttered. Feng Erzi also looked ADVDESIGN at Chen Baige s smirk. CCDE 352-001 Study Guide People don t take Cisco 352-001 Study Guide advantage of the old Wei to judge, Lao Wei said that they can t do it, hard, they say that the old Wei is the most reasonable.

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