Read a Poem in a Whisper with Your Child

Did you know that whispering is contagious? Here’s a fun exercise that is sure that have your child smiling ear to ear!

Read a poem in a whisper but say the rhyming words aloud and draw attention to their sounds. It doesn’t matter if the rhyme sequence is silly in the meaning sense.

• The silly fat cat slept on the hat, how about that silly fat cat.
• The pet had set his net and bet the wet ant he could get the vet.
• It was a wit to sit on the bit that was lit by a nit, which did not fit.
• What a lot of rot said the hot pot who was not a dot.
• The little brown bun won his run and had fun under the sun.

Say these mini poems or “tongue twisters” to your child so that he or she hears the rhyming words. Of course they are nonsense poems, so just have fun attending to the similarities in sound of the rhyming words.[:]

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