[New]: Kinesthetic learning


In young classes if you don’t hear laughter and see smiles there is a good chance that you are not getting through to your learners. We as educators know that a happy student is a learning student. We often lose sight of the fact that the best way children learn is through doing rather than seeing or hearing. Sitting at the table for long periods can cause students to lose the will to pay attention or be completely distracted and fidget so much that there is no way to get through to them.

Engaging students in activities that involve physical movement is a great way to help them improve gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills through a range of different activities, from throwing balls at hoops to jumping around a room. There are many ways to use kinesthetic learning in the classroom and to incorporate them into learning activities for you and your students. Having a kinesthetic lesson can mean fun, happiness and faster learning progression. Through fun they are more willing to learn, and the learning that does take place is likely to stick for a longer period of time. Using their bodies, they are in turn doing exercise which allows blood to flow faster, meaning more oxygen to the brain which means they can pay more attention.

Also let’s not forget endorphins, which are released into the brain from physical exercise and these little molecules are happiness in its purest form.

Authored By:

Tim van der Merwe,

Senior Teacher,

I Can Read Hanoi

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