Among other things, because they are afraid overcrowded school district, they believe that non-public high school will be safer, and believe that paid education will bring better results.

from January 2019 .; change the remuneration system (according to which teachers’ salaries would be directly linked to the average wage in the national economy, the new system should apply from next year), as well as the withdrawal of unfavorable provisions on the promotion and evaluation of teachers. “The negotiating team KSOiW Trade Union + Solidarity + waiting for the signature of the agreement, “- says komunikat.Podniesiono in it, that so far has managed to win a 15-percent increase in wages in 2019. (still negotiated the introduction of the term) and the declaration of changes to the system of remuneration of teachers (at the turn of June and July to be presented draft amendments to the remuneration system, according to which teachers’ salaries would be linked to the amount of the average wage in the national economy) .Among the points indicated negotiated withdrawal from the unfavorable provisions on the promotion of teachers training and evaluation of teachers’ work (return to the previous regulations as of September 2018.) and the determination of the allowance for a minimum of education, which is to be 300 zł. Read more Heralded strike in education will not be the first. The largest took place in 1993 Educational “Solidarity” and criticized the presented Friday to the government proposal to increase the teaching load of teachers. It stressed that “such changes in the Charter of the teacher does not have the consent of our relationship.” – The problem is that the opinion of the government on wage growth for teachers does not share 600 thousand. people – Broniarz said. – When I was prime minister, Donald Tusk, trainee teacher got a raise in the amount of 972 zł and qualified eight pair and it was the base salary, and today it is proposed to increase the base salary the teacher a qualified at the level of 500 zł gross intern some 360 ​​zł and tells us to for this reason, pay someone to do homework for me rejoice and thank the government. (…) It is the evil design of teachers’ salaries – he said. Read more Head of CKE: You can not move the exam – not suspend strikes for the duration of the examinations. I do not have title to suspend the protest. (…) The Union is ready to negotiate, we are waiting for the proposals of the government – he added.

On Sunday evening at the Center for Social Partnership “Dialogue” was held in Warsaw next meeting of the representatives of the government and trade unions on the situation in education. After the talks, the parties informed that the “Solidarity” government accepted the proposal, and the Polish Teachers’ Union and the Forum of Trade Unions rejected it. Read more President Duda teachers: Let the youth take exams, and then continue your strike Head of Polish Teachers’ Union Slawomir Broniarz said the government did not agree to the proposals of the PNA and the Forum of Trade Unions, because the PNA strike begins. From 8 am on Monday began a strike. The deadline coincides with a protest planned for April external examinations: 10, 11 and 12 April to be held exam high school, 15, 16 and 17 April – ósmoklasisty exam, and on May 6 they start high school.

Read more National teachers’ strike. What happened on the first day? [RELATION] Read more teachers believe that the six-year message to schools is a mistake Miroslaw Mazanec: A long way from A to B in the Czech Republic currently compulsory schooling as in Poland includes children who have completed six years. The idea of ​​education minister Katerina Valachová assumes that he will have to charge a five-year education within the education system. This means that the last year of kindergarten is compulsory for all children. The minister argues that a longer period of education is a solution that worked well in other European countries, and the best way to learn is to extend its previous rozpoczynanie.Nowelizacja assumes that the child would be exempt from the obligation of going to kindergarten, if his parents would be able to assure education in domu.Pomysł raises controversy, however, not only due to the early start learning by children, but because they have to pay for daycare. For now, the minister Valachová not yet know how to solve this problem, but it ensures that the money for this purpose will. About this, what action will the PNA, will be discussed at a meeting of the Presidium on August 26.

Then we will decide on further action and therefore the date of a possible referendum. I can not confirm at this time whether it will be held in September – told PAP Polish Teachers’ Union president Slawomir Broniarz. The referendum will determine whether the strike will. The term strike, if any, it may be, must be correlated with the will of teachers and with the results of the referendum – he added. Broniarz referred to the results of a report on the mood among the teachers, developed at the request of the National Strike Committee Interschool by researchers from the University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian Gdansk. It stated that 41 per cent. teachers, with more than 7 thousand.

When asked for his opinion, the new ad is considered necessary for the strike, and 82 per cent. supporters protest in favor of actions involving a reduction of the number of additional obligations for teachers. We will ask teachers and non-teaching education staff, what form of protest would be accepted by them most. As the report shows, the teachers are sick and tired of attacks on the environment, which suffered during the strike – he said. He added that a large group of teachers is disappointed height increases from 1 September. They have quite a situation that the minimum wage will equal pay teacher after graduation – he said. Read more Ministry of Education is preparing further changes.

The Minister Piontkovsky: implement a new core curriculum Head of the PNA believes that may be a problem with the implementation of salary increases for teachers. Local authorities say clearly that they do not have a pot full of money. Our calculations show that, in spite billion, which the ministry sent for this purpose, will be missed more than 350 million zł. This means that there will be tension in this economic background – he said. The situation is not the best, and hence the determination of teachers to take protest – he added. The decision on whether to make the strike until end of August puts the industry also chairman of Science, Education and Culture Forum of Trade Unions Slawomir Wittkowicz, because, as he says, the deliberations of the Board of the National FZZ were designated August 29-30.

There is a number of doubts concerning the possibility of the resumption of the intended strike action, they concern the same procedure – he said. We doubt whether it will be possible to carry out strike action solely on the basis of a referendum conducted. Our analyzes show that the procedure will be needed to resume collective dispute, and this significantly lengthen the date of commencement of the strike – he added. In his opinion, if the decision to strike, teachers will be taken, is “you will have to remodel the strike for another option than April.” Teachers experienced way they are treated by governmental authority in April, they will be cautious when it comes to the question of taking active strike. I think far more support and more efficiently will be selected other forms eg. The abandonment of any extracurricular tasks – he added. According Wittkowicza key problem issues are still teachers’ salaries.

Without a solution to the problem, which is the name of a significant surge in salaries, no chance to solve any other problems in education – he said. Therefore, he added, will be so important talks with the government on this issue. Read more kindergarten retire. “We feel like the teachers sorts worse” Pioneer home education Izabela Budajczak stresses that the suggestions of the small role of schools in teaching such children are wrong. He adds that there are many schools – both public and private – that are not limited to conduct examinations for children learning at home. Stresses that teachers can get involved throughout the year in cooperation with parents, preparing them for guidance or requirements for them.

In the case of a solid education, reliable directors, it is very robust cooperation – zaznacza.Budajczak hopes that the Ministry will come up with the idea, as in the new financial conditions to support home education. He adds that you can not discriminate against children whose parents opt for an alternative to the universal way of learning. – Their parents pay taxes, as parents of children going to school – stresses. He adds that in the past governments have tried to schools receive money intended for children from zero classes that were taught at home. Despite attempts, Radio Information Agency failed to contact the spokesperson for the Ministry of Education to obtain comment. The explanatory memorandum to the regulation concerning the reduction of subsidies Ministry stresses that the merits of this change is due to significantly lower the cost of educating students meet compulsory education outside the school in relation to other students. Resort adds that schools are only small costs associated with their classification and, in the case of students enrolled in so-called “home education” extra costs associated with the provision of any additional classes. There is no need of financing students meet compulsory education outside the school in the amount of subsidies allocated to students enrolled in schools. – Our students very complain that they can not use the library BUW, the more that there had the freedom to prepare their projects or competitions – says the librarian of one of Warsaw’s high schools.

In previous years, she led the children at the beginning of the school year to explore the libraries and the students immediately – even those with a high school classes II, the 16-year-olds – signed up en masse to the library. In the last year they managed to do it before the change the rules. This year, they could not: the rules were changed – the lowest age limit is 18 years. BUW asked about the reason officially change the rules, gave only the legal basis from which you can learn that, among others, lowering of the age was “approved by resolution of the Senate of Warsaw dated. 30.05.2012 r., which is based on the acts of a higher order, in particular the Law on Higher Education and the Act on libraries.” But what was the reason for taking such a decision, no one was able to tell us. Unofficially, the teachers explained that the students … too much racket.

And the phenomenon is particularly intensified in the run-up to the baccalaureate. Another argument, which fell: high school students treat the library as a meeting place. And this academic library, so to have a serious nature. I actually BUW in the capital has become a fashionable place: it is one of the most modern libraries that can boast glazed spaces, roof garden, and also located in the building of bars and shops. It is located on the Vistula River, so it is also a good meeting place. No wonder that the place attracts young people, but most often it is also an output connected to the desire to learn. That BUW is undoubtedly popular, evidenced by the statistics.

The daily number of visits in 2011 amounted to 2.3 thousand., A year later – 2.6 thousand. Higher daily statistics of visits, especially during the summer session, estimated to reach approx. 4 thousand. From the way BUW informs, in 2011, 46.7 percent. were an account outside the University; in 2012 such persons was 35.6 per cent. – Too bad, especially for Olympic athletes and people participating in competitions, because there they can find most of the hand required reading – says one of the teachers. However, as convincing the employees BUW, such students can receive special permission to have despite the lack of majority. For this, however, you must submit a special application.

Interestingly, at the same time, the National Library has decided to open up just for the young – and since September this year may even save a 13-year-olds (with the consent of a legal guardian). By this time BN – like now BUW – has been available since the age of 18. Today, 340 thousand. Children join the first major test of his life. Szóstoklasisty test will show what teenagers have learned in the past six years.

For most children, it will not really matter – district high school will have to accept them regardless of the outcome. The test takes not matter if the child decides to run for private institutions – those opposed to the public, may introduce additional criteria for recruitment. Among other things, the result of sprawdzianu.Jeśli look at the map Polish, access to 702 branches distributed very unevenly. The biggest choice is in Mazovia, where as much as 14 percent. All junior high schools are non-public. The smallest – in the Carpathian mountains, where the private school is 4.74 per cent., And in the Opole province, where the figure is 6.49 proc.Szkoły non most dominate in the capitals of provinces.

Outstanding in this respect are two of them. In the Silesian agglomeration non-public secondary schools as evenly distributed between Katowice and Bielsko-Biala, Sosnowiec, Gliwice and Częstochowa. Similarly, in Pomerania, where the non-public schools is fairly equal access in Gdansk, Slupsk, Gdynia, Sopot, a single facility also occur in smaller towns – Kościerzyna and Kartuzy. Catholic high school in the city is indeed one of the best non-public institutions of its kind in the country. The farther from the center, the less non-public schools. The urban poor is their Podlaskie 21, Lubuskie – 19.Rodzice choose private schools for various reasons. Among other things, because they are afraid overcrowded school district, they believe that non-public high school will be safer, and believe that paid education will bring better results.

Not without a reason. Among the hundred of schools with the highest average results from the secondary school exams and the highest rates of EWD (measure of how much increased student knowledge) half is non-public institutions. According to the data of the Central Examination Commission that public schools have a slightly better average results in tests. Experts argue that if the student count good results, public institutions achieve podobne.NAJLEPSZE Secondary schools COUNTRY – STATEMENT PREPARED BY THE DGP >>> – Non-public high school is still a sign of social status, parents choose it mainly because of the level of education or performance – admits Professor. Krzysztof Konarzewski. He explained that the most popular are those establishments that compete with the best public schools.

Interestingly, if the trend reverses secondary schools, private institutions are rather directed to students who are looking for a custom path or educational environment friendly. May indicate the statistics: non-public high schools is almost twice less than junior high schools of this kind – the former is approx. 400, the latter more than the analysis of prices 700.Z middle schools, which were in the top ten of the best-performing secondary school students during exams, it follows, parents, sending to a non-public school, have to reckon with the expenditure of the order of 600-800 zł.Najtańsza option of learning in a non-public facility costs about 180 zł and is free of charge during the holidays.

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