3 Tips for Practicing English Conversation for Homework

Many parents with children learning English as a foreign language find it challenging to help their children study English conversation at home. Sometimes, it because parents don’t feel confident enough in their own English abilities and they don’t want to teach their children incorrectly, and often times parents are busy with work and extra circular activities and simply do not have the time to help their children practice. Here are 3 simple tips for helping your children practice English conversation for homework:

  1.  Listen to English music as often as possible. Research shows that when words are put to music, the brain can recall the words more easily and for a longer period of time. If you want your children to be in an English environment, let them listen to music while they’re at home playing, while you’re riding in the car or bus, or sing an English song together every night before bed.
  2.  Focus on the application of English vocabulary versus memorization. Many students “parrot” or memorize countless English words that they will never have the confidence to use because they do not know how to apply the words to relevant conversation. When reviewing your children’s’ homework or vocabulary list, ask questions that give them the opportunity to use the vocabulary words as much as possible. Simply being able to recall a word in English is just the first step in language acquisition; being able to use the word is the final and most important step.
  3.  Make friends with Native English Speakers. In order for your children to speak English fluently, they need to have the opportunity and necessity to speak English. By making friends with Native English Speakers, your children will have the natural desire to speak English in order to communicate. They will also gain confidence, which is vital for any student learning a foreign language because language acquisition is a process and students shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Mistaking mistakes in conversation practice can lead to improved skills and speaking abilities.

By following these 3 tips for practicing English conversation for homework, your children will be well on their way toward a brighter and more confident future as proficient English speakers!

By Christian M.Jacobs

Country Manager I Can Read VietNam


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